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Health: Minority Disparities

 in Underserved Populations 

                               Tuesday, March 30, 2021 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

Join the DCABP INC. in collaboration with the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People for our Community Health Forum. We have a panel of experts who will discuss various topics concerning health and wellness in underserved communities.

MODERATOR: Dr. Wanda Boone - Durham TRY


Expert Panelists:

  • Cornell P. Wright, MPA, ED - NC DHHS Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities

  • Mr. Andrew Herrera, Executive Director - Cureamericas Global

  • Stacey Carless, Esq. Executive Director - NC Counts and Healthier Together                                                                                                                 Post COVID Challenges

  • Rep. Zack Hawkins - NC General Assembly

  • Mr. Fred Johnson, Assistant Professor & Vice Chief - Duke Division of Community Health                                                                                                                  COVID Social Services Program - Results

  • Dr. Darius Russell, Russell's Pharmacy and Shoppe - Community Vaccine Administration

  • Ms. Sharon Mullen and Ms. Sheila Mullen - Vaccine Experience

  • Dr. John Evans, Duke Expressive Writing Workshop Facilitator, Writing Clinician - 6 Words that Heal 

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HIGHLIGHTS from February 24-25, 2021

Virtual Courageous Conversation: The Experience

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"Empowering the Next Generation" 

wednesday, april 7, 2021

6pm - 8pm


   Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People Inc. (DCABPI), 

  in cooperation with local & national partners, launched an initiative                      known as Unifying Community Voices (UCV).


         Join us for a Virtual Courageous Conversation about Race!                                

This series session invites community members to address and share their experience and approaches to Social Justice and Racial Equity issues in Durham, NC.

           Policing (incarceration/brutality)


           Wealth Gap

           Environmental Justice

           Healthcare Discrimination

we invite you to be part of this virtual courageous conversation

specifically designed for and By college & high school students!!


Follow us via Livestreaming @

There are no special qualifications or requirements to participate! Register and Show up to learn, share, and/or support!

Click image below to hear Sounds of UCV

Unifying Community Voices


Unifying Community Voices (UCV) is an initiative launched by DCABPI that includes a series of forums that coincides with a Community Revitalization Plan, along with Youth Creative Arts Expressions to address Social Justice and Racial Equity issues in Durham, NC.  Each UCV forum series session is guided by Courageous Conversation™, the transformative experience that acquaints individuals with a set of tools, the Protocol, to engage, sustain and deepen dialogues about race.

Participants will be introduced to the three components of the Protocol: The Compass, Four Agreements, and Six Conditions. The enlighten engagement with Courageous Conversation™ guides an exploration of the life impact of race, and promotes an essential literacy and consciousness to examine our own personal, professional and organizational development. Designed to meet participants at whatever their level of experience, Courageous Conversation™ enhances our effort to promote racial equity. These multiracial conversations about the roots of racial disparities are designed to challenge and amend the racially discriminatory policies, practices,and decisions (both intentional and unintentional) that contribute to these disparities.

Virtual Courageous Conversations

Over the course of this year we will tackle a range of important topics concerning Race and Social Justice issues that have significantly impacted our communities. Session topics will include:

● Virtual Courageous Conversation: The Experience
● Economics: Closing the Wealth Gap /                           

                        Black Business & the Economic Impact
● Housing: Rebuilding our Communities /                    

                    Housing Crisis & the Housing Bond
● Health: Minority Disparities in Underserved Populations
● Education: Student Achievement Amidst the Pandemic
● Civic: I Voted, Now What?
● Youth: Empowering the Next Generation


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