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DCABP Inc. “Trailblazer” Honoring Our Legacy


(1932 – 2017)


Tribute to the Honorable Ralph Hunt Sr.


Ralph Hunt Sr. was a husband, father, and grandfather whose impact has extended far beyond the lives of his family through his work as an educator, mentor, private business owner, and public servant. Hunt Sr. was also a veteran having served during the Korean War in 1953 and, upon returning from military service, he graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in 1956 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. He also later became a licensed auctioneer, attained a Real Estate Broker’s License, and earned a Master's degree in Mathematics Education from North Carolina Central University.

His career in politics began in 1957 when he served as chairman of the Granville County Citizens League. Following his work there, Hunt Sr. accomplished more than what can be described in this profile. Over the course of his career, he worked as a computer programmer for the leading Black-owned and operated company in the nation: North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co. He also served as the Executive Director of the Durham Business and Professional Chain, holding influence there for over 11 years. Maintaining momentum, his work continued as he was elected to the 13 member Durham City Council as one of only two African-Americans serving at that time. He went on to serve five terms in the North Carolina State Senate in which he served as chairman of all standing committees at one point or another. It was not until 2005 that Hunt Sr. took time to himself to enjoy the company of his family.

He eventually returned to his work in 2014, serving as Chairman of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People until 2016. He was instrumental in transforming the organization, as well as added a legal corporation (aka, Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People, Inc.). Over the course of his illustrious career, Hunt Sr. left a positive impact on the people he mentored, taught, and worked with, developing a reputation as a “consensus builder” for his ability to lead and unite people.

Our Legacy Prepared Us

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